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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -1,8 +1,84 @@ -PLAPROXY +PLAPROX - A proxy for scripts +========================================== +Plaprox is a *NIX proxy demeon for Plausible scripts. -========================= -A proxy for scripts +Raison d'etre +------------- +I run my personal homepage under I have chosen Plausible +( as my provider of visitor stats as it gives me all I want +while not trying to track visitors - as some other competitors do. -!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -does not work yet +However, many cybernauts use adblockers. I certainly do. Sometimes those blockers +are overprotective and block all stats providers - like Plausible. I consider +Plausible as a very much Ok service. To see who actually visits my sites, I need +to proxy all requests to Plausible via a local proxy. + +You can read more at + +I have done it for quite some time, but recently I've moved from Linux/Nginx to +OpenBSD/Httpd/Relayd. I love this setup, but it does not provide proxy_pass. + +So I wrote this little fella. + + +Architecture +------------ +Not much here. It's a *NIX daemon that listens on port 9090 and will proxy +predefined paths to Plausible and return the returned data back to the user. + + +Go +-- +I am not a Go developer. Far from it, as I come from Ruby background. This means +that this is not a proper Go code. I've been learning the language a bit before +starting to write Plaprox, and this is my first (and, as of writing this - the +only) project written in Go. Just for teh lulz. + + +Contributing +------------ +Found this interesting? Cool! Know how to improve things? Even better! Email me +a git patch - my email can be found at + + +Known problems +-------------- +- GET requests can be cached. Plaprox does not currently do this. + + +Testing +------- +You can run the tests via: + + go test + + +Compiling +--------- +You need Go to compile Plaproxy. After that, compiling is simple: + + go build + +Note that, as for, now I do not provide binary files. You need do perform the +compilation on the same OS and architecture as the target system. So, if you run +Plaprox on OpenBSD ARM64, compile it on OpenBSD ARM64. + + +Running +------- +You can run the app as a process: + + ./plaprox + +But the preferred way is to treat it a demon. Please refer to documentation of +your OS of choice + + +Configuration +------------- +To proxy other endpoints, you need to modify the source code. Look at method +serveProxy() in main.go. Add another handleFunc for the required path, and any +requests to the proxy will be handled automatically: + + http.HandleFunc("/another/proxied/path.js", Proxy)