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2023-09-26 13:59feat: so whatmms91+32-0
2023-08-23 18:02feat: charybdis and ignreore plaprox for nowmms11+93-1
2023-08-03 07:50feat: replace wifi on thibkpadmms2+42-0
2023-08-03 07:50feat: increase center imagesmms126+9-3
2023-08-03 07:49feat: add link to VCSmms1+1-0
2023-08-03 07:49fix: add missing tagsmms1+10-1
2023-08-02 13:18fix: rssmms1+2-3
2023-07-30 17:59feat: full body in rssMichał M. Sapka1+40-0
2023-07-30 17:33fix: cron snippetMichał M. Sapka1+3-2
2023-07-28 14:31feat: add updates infoMichał M. Sapka1+4-0
2023-07-28 14:30fix: remove another lieMichał M. Sapka1+2-2
2023-07-28 14:26fix: remove lie about pfMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-07-21 13:11feat: modern hashbangMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-07-19 14:12fix: recreate missing listsMichał M. Sapka1+14-11
2023-07-19 11:35fix: categoryMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-07-19 11:05feat: add OpenBSD to aboutMichał M. Sapka3+11-2
2023-07-19 10:59chore: upload to OpenBSD AmsterdamMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-07-19 10:59feat: article "move to openbsd"Michał M. Sapka5+300-0
2023-07-13 14:48feat: openbsd logoMichał M. Sapka1+0-0
2023-07-13 14:46feat: obsd amsterdam logoMichał M. Sapka1+0-0
2023-07-03 12:56fix: snippetMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-07-03 09:35fix: typoMichał M. Sapka1+2-2
2023-07-03 09:27feat: notmuch articleMichał M. Sapka1+245-0
2023-06-14 10:16feat: article on centralized web and redditMichał M. Sapka1+60-0
2023-06-09 19:58feat: Mastodon articleMichał M. Sapka5+913-3
2023-06-04 13:53fix: typosMichał M. Sapka1+4-6
2023-06-02 20:39fix: typo in filenameMichał M. Sapka1+0-0
2023-06-02 20:37feat: article for 2023-06-02Michał M. Sapka1+64-0
2023-05-31 20:26feat missing imagesMichał M. Sapka4+0-0
2023-05-31 20:26feat: article for 2023-05-31Michał M. Sapka4+39-3
2023-05-26 19:23fix: typoMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-05-26 19:21feat: article for 2023-05-27Michał M. Sapka2+90-1
2023-05-26 13:27feat: lisp hlMichał M. Sapka1+4-4
2023-05-26 13:24feat: migrate to syntax hightlightMichał M. Sapka3+133-43
2023-05-25 14:05feat: article for 2023-05-25Michał M. Sapka1+32-0
2023-05-24 21:46fix: casues extra aMichał M. Sapka1+0-2
2023-05-23 21:15feat: add more info to readmeMichał M. Sapka1+18-0
2023-05-23 21:04add titleMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-05-23 21:02fix: linkMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-05-23 20:59feat: remove linkMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-05-23 18:21feat: article for 2023-05-23Michał M. Sapka6+38-8
2023-05-19 15:17fix: pass is not gnuMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-05-19 11:42feat: FreeBSD donord-s9+32-5
2023-05-19 11:21feat: pimp my homepaged-s5+25-30
2023-05-18 14:25fix: typosMichał M. Sapka1+2-2
2023-05-17 20:02fix: typosMichał M. Sapka1+3-3
2023-05-17 19:27fix: video linksMichał M. Sapka1+7-7
2023-05-17 19:21feat: improve LinksMichał M. Sapka1+34-6
2023-05-17 16:45fix: categoriesMichał M. Sapka3+9-2
2023-05-17 16:41feat: pimp my aboutMichał M. Sapka3+19-19
2023-05-17 14:59fix: correct key orderMichał M. Sapka1+6-6
2023-05-17 10:53Rename fileMichał M. Sapka1+0-0
2023-05-17 10:48fix: typosMichał M. Sapka2+15-9
2023-05-17 10:37feat: article for 2023-05-17Michał M. Sapka6+1452-0
2023-05-16 11:06feat: remove footerMichał M. Sapka1+0-11
2023-05-16 10:35chore: fix html violations on article pageMichał M. Sapka2+3-4
2023-05-16 08:36feat: improve article viewMichał M. Sapka3+49-28
2023-05-15 15:16feat: article for 2023-05-15Michał M. Sapka1+73-0
2023-05-14 22:03feat: rewrite header to new style and rename siteMichał M. Sapka3+50-106
2023-05-10 09:17feat: article for 2023-05-10Michał M. Sapka1+38-0
2023-05-10 08:30chore: update plausible domainMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-05-10 08:23feat: move to name domainMichał M. Sapka2+20-29
2023-05-09 17:48fix: typoMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-05-09 17:47feat: add sub-menuMichał M. Sapka1+7-0
2023-05-09 17:41fix: typoMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-05-09 17:41feat: list on homepageMichał M. Sapka1+10-12
2023-05-08 14:41feat: article for 2023-05-08Michał M. Sapka1+64-0
2023-05-08 13:30chore: remove unsupported configsMichał M. Sapka1+6-5
2023-05-08 21:38chore: hide Git link (for now)d-s1+1-1
2023-05-08 21:36chore: force full-widthd-s1+5-5
2023-05-06 22:11feat: fix categories for rest of the postsMichał M. Sapka90+101-95
2023-05-06 21:22feat: footnote extravaganzaMichał M. Sapka1+6-6
2023-05-06 21:15fix: typoMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-05-06 21:12feat: rework some categoriesMichał M. Sapka23+26-35
2023-05-06 21:12feat: test for footnotesMichał M. Sapka2+17-3
2023-05-06 19:37feat: add pages for categoryMichał M. Sapka1+12-1
2023-05-06 17:51feat: article for 2023-05-06Michał M. Sapka7+61-0
2023-05-05 12:00fix: typoMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-05-05 11:59feat: add security.txtMichał M. Sapka1+3-0
2023-05-05 11:59feat: article for 2023-05-05Michał M. Sapka1+23-0
2023-05-04 14:35feat: article for 2023-05-04Michał M. Sapka4+20-0
2023-05-03 17:49feat: article for 2023-05-03Michał M. Sapka1+12-0
2023-05-02 18:18feat: article for 2023-05-02Michał M. Sapka1+25-0
2023-05-01 17:23feat: article for 2023-05-01Michał M. Sapka1+21-0
2023-04-29 21:19feat: article for 2023-04-29Michał M. Sapka1+29-0
2023-04-28 20:43feat: article for 2023-04-28Michał M. Sapka1+30-0
2023-04-27 20:45fix: linkMichał M. Sapka1+2-1
2023-04-27 20:42feat: article for 2023-04-27Michał M. Sapka1+16-0
2023-04-26 15:42feat: article for 2023-04-26Michał M. Sapka1+26-0
2023-04-16 17:45fixd-s1+1-1
2023-04-16 17:45feat: article for 2023-04-16d-s2+20-0
2023-04-14 19:32feat: article for 2023-04-14d-s1+49-0
2023-04-13 21:41feat: article for 2023-04-13d-s1+30-0
2023-04-12 15:19feat: article for 2023-04-12d-s1+30-0
2023-04-11 14:29feat: 2023-04-11d-s1+20-0
2023-04-10 19:34feat: article for 2023-04-10d-s5+18-14
2023-04-09 14:09feat: article for 2023-04-09d-s7+48-0
2023-04-08 21:28feat: article for 2023-04-08d-s5+19-0
2023-04-07 20:21fix: typod-s1+1-1
2023-04-07 20:20fix: typod-s1+1-2
2023-04-07 20:19feat: article for 2023-04-07d-s12+35-0
2023-04-06 20:10feat: article for 2023-04-06d-s2+15-0
2023-04-05 20:06feat: inter-linkedd-s2+4-1
2023-04-05 19:59feat: article for 2023-04-05d-s1+25-0
2023-04-04 21:05feat: add beastied-s1+1-0
2023-04-04 21:02feat: article for 2023-04-04d-s1+61-0
2023-04-03 18:55feat: article for 2023-04-03d-s5+22-0
2023-04-02 14:09feat: article for 2023-04-02d-s6+31-0
2023-04-01 07:26ffeat: article for 2023-04-01d-s4+31-0
2023-03-31 20:58feat: article for 2023-03-31d-s1+21-0
2023-03-30 10:32feat: article for 2023-03-30d-s4+19-0
2023-03-29 19:17feat: post for 2023-03-29Michał M. Sapka1+17-0
2023-03-28 09:43feat: article for 2023-03-28d-s9+74-0
2023-03-28 09:37feat: images for mobile setupMichał M. Sapka3+0-0
2023-03-27 15:05feat: add rockbox logod-s1+0-0
2023-03-27 14:49feat: article for 2023-03-27d-s4+24-0
2023-03-25 08:02fix: move publishing earlierMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-03-24 15:23feat: article for 2023-03-26Michał M. Sapka1+14-0
2023-03-24 13:41feat: article for 2023-03-24d-s1+21-0
2023-03-24 13:37feat: article for 2023-03-25d-s4+23-0
2023-03-24 13:12feat: remove gpg key for nowd-s1+0-8
2023-03-23 21:28fix: typod-s1+1-1
2023-03-23 21:22remove more lgacy files and change gitignored-s2+2-36
2023-03-23 21:20chore: remove legacy filesd-s3+1-5
2023-03-23 20:59feat: simple webmention sendd-s1+10-0
2023-03-23 20:50feat: article for 2023-03-23d-s2+45-0
2023-03-23 19:57feat: add Brain Baking to linksd-s1+1-1
2023-03-23 19:53feat: recreate blogs posts for last few daysd-s22+76-0
2023-03-17 13:29feat: article for 2023-03-19d-s53+23-2
2023-03-17 13:13feat: article for 2023-03-18d-s4+31-0
2023-03-17 09:43feat: article for 2023-03-17Michał M. Sapka1+15-0
2023-03-16 21:55feat: article for 2023-03-16d-s1+51-0
2023-03-15 18:28feat: article for 2023-03-15Michał M. Sapka1+14-0
2023-03-15 09:42feat: article for 2023-03-15Michał M. Sapka3+30-3
2023-03-14 13:28feat: article for 2023-03-14Michał M. Sapka1+11-0
2023-03-13 13:01feat: article for 2023-03-13Michał M. Sapka4+20-0
2023-03-11 17:23feat: article for 2023-03-12Michał M. Sapka8+39-0
2023-03-09 14:19fix: preposition of doomMichał M. Sapka2+24-24
2023-03-09 14:04feat: article for 2023-03-11Michał M. Sapka7+24-0
2023-03-09 13:00feat: article for 2023-03-10Michał M. Sapka4+47-0
2023-03-09 09:55feat: linksMichał M. Sapka2+20-0
2023-03-09 09:26fix: capitalizationMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-03-09 08:12chore: force new css for clientsMichał M. Sapka2+1-11
2023-03-09 08:10feat: article for 2023-03-09Michał M. Sapka5+31-0
2023-03-09 08:05fixes to layoutMichał M. Sapka16+8-6
2023-03-08 20:35feat: dark mode v1Michał M. Sapka1+18-3
2023-03-08 13:53fix: typoMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-03-08 13:51feat: article for 2023-08-08Michał M. Sapka4+25-0
2023-03-07 10:54feat: article for 2033-03-07Michał M. Sapka5+29-0
2023-03-06 13:29article for 2023-03-06Michał M. Sapka4+23-0
2023-03-05 07:28fix: add missing numbersMichał M. Sapka1+4-4
2023-03-05 07:16feat: article for 2023-03-05Michał M. Sapka1+34-0
2023-03-04 08:00fix: small rewordMichał M. Sapka1+3-3
2023-03-03 23:33feat: article for 2023-03-04Michał M. Sapka2+75-1
2023-03-03 23:33chore: extract colors to varsMichał M. Sapka1+25-9
2023-03-03 16:48fix: missing blank lineMichał M. Sapka1+1-0
2023-03-03 16:12feat: widen the main contentMichał M. Sapka142+3-3
2023-03-03 15:44feat: add picMichał M. Sapka6+1-0
2023-03-03 10:25feat: article for 2023-02-03Michał M. Sapka4+23-0
2023-03-03 09:52chore: valid HTML verified <3Michał M. Sapka3+50-51
2023-03-02 20:35finMichał M. Sapka91+188-262
2023-03-02 15:47Merge branch 'master' into msapka/newMichał M. Sapka10+41-6
2023-03-02 15:08fix: shrink yt covers on phonesMichał M. Sapka1+1-0
2023-03-02 15:07fix: shring images on phonesMichał M. Sapka2+5-0
2023-03-02 15:01feat: anime girlMichał M. Sapka7+2-0
2023-03-02 14:49feat: article for 2023-02-02Michał M. Sapka1+22-0
2023-03-02 13:13fixesMichał M. Sapka1+47-8
2023-03-01 22:38fix: header imgMichał M. Sapka1+3-1
2023-03-01 20:13feat: better codeMichał M. Sapka1+8-5
2023-03-01 19:412 column testMichał M. Sapka3+79-19
2023-03-01 10:00feat: article for 2023-03-01Michał M. Sapka4+27-0
2023-03-01 08:54feat: article for 2023-03-01Michał M. Sapka1+36-0
2023-02-27 09:52feat: add tagMichał M. Sapka1+1-0
2023-02-27 09:40feat: article for 20-23-02-27Michał M. Sapka3+42-3
2023-02-27 08:17fix: remove sentenceMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-02-26 11:35fix: typoMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-02-26 11:33feat: article for 2023-02-27Michał M. Sapka6+23-0
2023-02-26 11:25fix: typosMichał M. Sapka1+3-3
2023-02-26 09:48feat: article for 2023-2027Michał M. Sapka1+14-0
2023-02-26 09:41feat: article for 2023-02-26Michał M. Sapka1+24-0
2023-02-26 06:44fix: typowMichał M. Sapka1+4-4
2023-02-26 06:42feat: published article for 2023-02-26Michał M. Sapka12+12-18
2023-02-25 23:45chore: tidy upMichał M. Sapka57+277-140
2023-02-25 23:11feat: all all archives pageMichał M. Sapka4+34-14
2023-02-25 23:11fix: dateMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-02-25 22:58feat: move all to historyMichał M. Sapka2+12-12
2023-02-25 22:30feat: article for 2023-02-27Michał M. Sapka1+28-0
2023-02-25 22:21feat: article for 2023-02-28Michał M. Sapka20+49-0
2023-02-25 21:08chore: change quote styleMichał M. Sapka1+9-0
2023-02-25 18:19feat: handle images better on small screensMichał M. Sapka3+21-16
2023-02-25 18:09feat: handle retina for post omagesMichał M. Sapka82+38-6
2023-02-25 08:20fix: remove sentenceMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-02-25 07:38fix: typosMichał M. Sapka1+2-2
2023-02-24 23:26fix: link endMichał M. Sapka2+13-1
2023-02-24 20:23feat: prelimiary work on new layoutMichał M. Sapka15+124-75
2023-02-24 19:14articles for 2023-02-24+25 and better image qualityMichał M. Sapka149+105-3
2023-02-24 18:24feat: hl1 screenshots from PaulMichał M. Sapka6+0-0
2023-02-24 14:48fix: remove extra lineMichał M. Sapka1+0-1
2023-02-24 10:14feat: article for 2023-02-24Michał M. Sapka1+20-0
2023-02-23 14:16feat: article for 2023-02-23Michał M. Sapka1+15-0
2023-02-21 23:02feat: article for 2023-02-22Michał Sapka3+42-0
2023-02-21 11:29article for 2023-02-21 (2)Michał M. Sapka1+22-0
2023-02-21 08:25feat: article for 2023-02-21Michał M. Sapka3+34-0
2023-02-20 15:39fix: shortcode usageMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-02-20 14:38chore: add txt listMichał M. Sapka2+16-5
2023-02-20 14:23fix: filenameMichał M. Sapka1+0-0
2023-02-20 14:18fix: add missing tagsMichał M. Sapka2+2-0
2023-02-20 14:10feat: article for 2023-02-20Michał M. Sapka15+33-0
2023-02-19 09:09feat: article for 2023-02-19Michał Sapka3+19-0
2023-02-18 11:20article for 2023-02-18Michał Sapka8+58-0
2023-02-17 12:09article for 2023-02-17Michał Sapka1+14-0
2023-02-16 22:22fix: typosMichał Sapka2+4-4
2023-02-16 13:06chore: modernize paginationMichał M. Sapka2+19-1
2023-02-16 11:27feat: article for 2023-02-16Michał M. Sapka1+30-0
2023-02-15 19:59feat: content for 2023-02-15Michał Sapka9+41-1
2023-02-14 10:41feat: article for 2023-02-14Michał M. Sapka3+20-0
2023-02-13 15:50feat: article for 2023-02-13Michał M. Sapka6+22-0
2023-02-12 08:06fix: editMichał Sapka1+6-3
2023-02-11 23:32feat: article for 2023-02-12Michał Sapka3+28-0
2023-02-11 18:20feat: add webmentionMichał Sapka1+3-0
2023-02-11 16:39feat: article for 2023-01-11Michał Sapka2+25-1
2023-02-09 21:09fix: add forgotten linkMichał Sapka1+1-1
2023-02-09 20:47chore: remove orphanted files when uploadingMichał Sapka1+1-1
2023-02-09 20:47feat: article for 2023-02-10Michał Sapka16+25-0
2023-02-09 20:20chore: move images from posts to assetsMichał Sapka160+339-349
2023-02-09 15:18chore: use webp in modern shortcodesMichał M. Sapka4+6-6
2023-02-09 11:56feat: article for 2023-02-02Michał M. Sapka2+26-0
2023-02-08 12:18feat: article for 2023-02-08Michał M. Sapka3+42-0
2023-02-07 08:58feat: article for 2023-02-07Michał M. Sapka4+46-0
2023-02-06 15:30chore: add yandex validation fileMichał M. Sapka1+6-0
2023-02-06 15:28chore: update robots to new domainMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-02-06 14:52fix: capitalization & tagsMichał M. Sapka1+2-2
2023-02-06 14:45feat: article for 2023-02-06Michał M. Sapka7+18-0
2023-02-05 22:16fix: urlMichał Sapka1+1-1
2023-02-05 22:02chore: remove link to memesMichał Sapka1+0-1
2023-02-05 22:00fix: mdMichał Sapka1+1-1
2023-02-05 21:48chore: migrate to vultrMichał Sapka1+1-1
2023-02-05 21:48feat: article for 2023-02-05Michał Sapka4+41-0
2023-02-05 14:36chore: migration part 2Michał M. Sapka1+4-3
2023-02-05 13:10chore: move to new domainMichał M. Sapka4+6-7
2023-02-04 16:21feat: article for 2023-02-04Michał M. Sapka1+12-0
2023-02-04 16:12chore: change license and add stat link to footerMichał M. Sapka2+2-3
2023-02-03 20:37feat: article for 2023-02-03Michał M. Sapka6+21-0
2023-02-02 15:25fix: linkMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-02-02 15:20feat: add exampleMichał M. Sapka1+3-0
2023-02-02 15:01fix: add missing tagsMichał M. Sapka1+10-4
2023-02-02 15:00feat: article for 2023-02-02Michał M. Sapka7+83-3
2023-02-02 13:52chore: do not embed ytMichał M. Sapka11+14-8
2023-02-01 22:12chore: add yt covers extractorMichał M. Sapka5+10-0
2023-02-01 20:35chore: remove extra filesMichał M. Sapka2+0-16
2023-02-01 17:17fix: typoMichał M. Sapka2+3-1
2023-02-01 17:16chore: fix the damn dateMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-02-01 17:15article for 2023-02-01Michał M. Sapka2+28-0
2023-02-01 16:26fix: some fixes and typosMichał M. Sapka5+7-4
2023-01-31 23:00chore: use abstract for social descriptionsMichał M. Sapka1+2-2
2023-01-31 22:57chore: use abstract for descriptionMichał M. Sapka2+3-2
2023-01-31 17:18article for 2023-01-31Michał M. Sapka1+17-0
2023-01-30 12:33content for 2023-01-30Michał M. Sapka2+62-0
2023-01-29 17:37chore: add years for 2023Michał M. Sapka22+35-0
2023-01-29 17:34fix: join quotesMichał M. Sapka1+2-2
2023-01-29 12:23Chore: abstract in archetypesMichał Sapka2+2-0
2023-01-29 12:22chore: abstracts for new postsMichał Sapka21+22-1
2023-01-28 23:01chore: add abstracts to 2022Michał M. Sapka10+73-20
2023-01-28 22:50Article for 2023-01-29Michał M. Sapka1+61-0
2023-01-28 20:29chore: add categoriesMichał M. Sapka25+24-17
2023-01-28 20:22article for 2023-01-28Michał M. Sapka1+12-0
2023-01-27 17:03fix: typoMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-01-27 17:01feat: article for 2023-01-27Michał M. Sapka1+20-0
2023-01-26 21:15article for 2023-01-26Michał Sapka2+17-1
2023-01-25 10:55chore: add robots.txtMichał M. Sapka1+4-0
2023-01-25 10:49chore: fix tagMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-01-24 15:48chore: seoMichał M. Sapka2+3-3
2023-01-24 15:31chore: yandex verificationMichał M. Sapka1+6-0
2023-01-24 15:20feat: article for 2023-01-24Michał M. Sapka1+17-0
2023-01-24 15:19chore: build site before uploadMichał M. Sapka1+1-1
2023-01-23 14:20chore: basic upload scriptMichał Sapka1+3-0
2023-01-23 14:17chore: more readeable article areaMichał M. Sapka1+6-0
2023-01-23 13:03music monday for 2023-01-23Michał M. Sapka1+15-0
2023-01-23 09:42feat: article for 2023-01-23Michał M. Sapka1+15-0
2023-01-22 08:22feat: article for 2023-01022Michał Sapka2+20-0
2023-01-21 21:13 chore: VC resourceMichał Sapka5+0-0
2023-01-21 21:13feat: paginationMichał Sapka3+17-6
2023-01-21 21:11feat: article for 2023-01-21Michał Sapka3+15-0
2023-01-20 18:45fix: comasMichał Sapka1+3-3
2023-01-20 16:08chore: music monday archetype for MondayMichał M. Sapka1+12-0
2023-01-20 10:43feat: second article to 2023-01-20Michał M. Sapka1+15-0
2023-01-20 09:27feat: article for 2023-01-20Michał M. Sapka1+19-0
2023-01-19 21:36fix: wordingMichał Sapka1+2-2
2023-01-19 21:33feat:article for 2023-01-19Michał Sapka16+29-1
2023-01-18 20:59fix: typoMichał Sapka1+1-1
2023-01-18 20:59feat: my first computerMichał Sapka3+38-0
2023-01-17 21:22fix: quotationsMichał Sapka2+4-6
2023-01-17 14:26feat: on simple softwareMichał Sapka1+24-0
2023-01-15 16:46feat: dns error articleMichał Sapka1+24-0
2023-01-14 18:56fix: typoMichał Sapka1+1-1
2023-01-14 18:55feat: persona 5Michał Sapka1+17-0
2023-01-10 23:21fix: prepositionsMichał Sapka1+6-6
2023-01-10 22:44feat: add anime to aboutMichał Sapka1+1-0
2023-01-10 22:40feat: add causes to aboutMichał Sapka2+12-0
2023-01-10 22:34feat: gsc verificationMichał Sapka1+2-0
2023-01-10 22:25fix: wordMichał Sapka1+1-1
2023-01-10 22:24fix: wordMichał Sapka1+1-1
2023-01-10 22:23feat: about contentsMichał Sapka4+104-37
2023-01-10 19:57feat: bigger logo textMichał Sapka1+1-0
2023-01-10 19:53feat: bigger logo for hdpiMichał Sapka3+1-1
2023-01-10 19:37feat: add RSS feed to menuMichał Sapka1+1-0
2023-01-10 17:22feat: proxy playsibleMichał Sapka2+3-1
2023-01-10 16:40feat: missing social tagsMichał Sapka1+3-0
2023-01-10 16:34feat: a meme siteMichał Sapka1+10-0
2023-01-10 16:30feat: add missing tagsMichał Sapka10+10-0
2023-01-10 16:23feat: fsf post and badgeMichał Sapka3+18-1
2023-01-10 16:14feat: serve posts under yearMichał Sapka29+0-0
2023-01-10 15:55feat: more of layoutMichał Sapka5+40-20
2023-01-08 21:54feat: headerMichał Sapka15+45-7
2023-01-08 15:25fix: urlsMichał Sapka1+2-2
2023-01-08 15:23feat: add new contentMichał Sapka12+189-9
2023-01-08 12:43fix: remove invalid fileMichał Sapka1+0-9
2023-01-08 12:42feat: recreate all old contentMichał Sapka30+245-0
2023-01-08 11:12feat: basic listMichał Sapka514+573-19331
2023-01-06 22:14feat: add logosMichał Sapka14+6-21
2023-01-02 21:15feat: blank based on memesMichał Sapka545+19482-0
2023-01-02 21:12feat: remove oldMichał Sapka29+0-9942
2022-09-19 11:43doc: fix linksMichał M. Sapka1+3-3
2022-09-12 09:02feat: use Medim subdomainMichal Sapka1+1-1
2022-09-12 09:01fix: force z-index on topnavMichal Sapka1+1-0
2022-09-11 19:39fix: use top domainMichal Sapka6+11-11
2022-09-11 08:15feat: add Twitter linkMichal Sapka1+9-2
2022-09-11 08:08feat: add link to RSSMichal Sapka1+5-0
2022-09-11 08:05feat: resize main photoMichal Sapka1+6-3
2022-09-10 21:55feat: resize logoMichal Sapka2+28-4
2022-09-10 20:00feat: add logosMichal Sapka4+7-2
2022-09-07 20:49feat: add happy kitMichal Sapka3+23-0
2022-09-07 20:24feat: increase size of my faceMichal Sapka1+1-1
2022-09-07 20:11docs: fill readmeMichal Sapka1+16-2
2022-09-07 20:16Create LICENSE.mdMichał M. Sapka1+21-0
2022-09-07 19:59feat: add brightness to topnavMichal Sapka3+9-3
2022-09-07 19:49fix: change copy so it fits a lineMichal Sapka1+1-1
2022-09-07 19:48feat: dracula light themeMichal Sapka3+24-7
2022-09-06 21:44feat: border around photoMichal Sapka1+4-0
2022-09-06 21:40feat: dark mode colorsMichal Sapka1+24-2
2022-09-06 21:15feat: start theme all over againMichal Sapka2+6-60
2022-09-06 20:42feat: theme switcher buttonMichal Sapka4+45-34
2022-09-06 20:12feat: test link colorMichal Sapka4+3-183
2022-09-06 20:02feat: seoMichal Sapka9+89-10
2022-09-05 20:40feat: add RSS feedMichal Sapka9+442-142
2022-09-04 20:34feat: add missing typesMichal Sapka6+27-9
2022-09-04 20:19style: fix lint problemsMichal Sapka2+3-3
2022-09-04 19:54feat: remove hobbiesMichal Sapka1+2-7
2022-09-04 19:54feat: add pulications to homepageMichal Sapka3+38-3
2022-09-04 19:53feat(rss): add migration noticeMichal Sapka1+20-0
2022-08-16 20:51feat: working topnavMichal Sapka3+39-13
2022-08-14 10:19chore: copy editMichal Sapka1+1-1
2022-08-13 20:51feat: more themingMichal Sapka7+117-23
2022-08-11 20:44feat: theming spikeMichal Sapka3+44-2
2022-08-10 19:35feat: chakra based resume as hpMichal Sapka3+26-43
2022-08-09 21:50feat: basic responsive navMichal Sapka4+77-44
2022-08-08 19:59feat: move to chakra-uiMichal Sapka3+6007-2506
2022-08-08 19:50feat: remove tailwindMichal Sapka5+0-704
2022-08-07 20:22feat: homepage copy, ver 1Michal Sapka1+45-3
2022-08-06 21:15feat: responsive navMichal Sapka1+47-14
2022-08-06 20:36feat: topnav draftMichal Sapka4+49-3
2022-08-04 19:58feat: add tailwindMichal Sapka6+924-87
2022-08-04 18:11doc: rewoke readmeMichal Sapka1+4-32
2022-08-04 18:09feature: blank next.jsMichal Sapka15+5701-0