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diff --git a/assets/content_images/hcp-111a.jpg b/assets/content_images/hcp-111a.jpg Binary files differ. diff --git a/content/2023/receiving-email.md b/content/2023/receiving-email.md @@ -0,0 +1,31 @@ +--- +title: "Receiving Email" +category: "varia" +abstract: I got my first comments +date: 2023-04-01T09:21:03+02:00 +year: 2023 +draft: false +tags: +- trains +- Email +- comments +- Hacker-News +- Vultr +- FreeBSD +--- +*On a train to [Poznań](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pozna%C5%84)* + +{{<img-center "hcp-111a.jpg" "It was renovated">}} + +Those things haven't changed much since I used them frequently. I am sitting in HCP 111A railway wagon. It's as ugly and uncomfortable as 20 years ago. It's also magical. Trains are inherently awesome machines, even those barely working. Loud, huge, and in decline. Or at least I thought so, as the train is packed with passengers! + +One thing which has changed is inter-passenger relations. I used to have temporary "uncles" in random grandpas riding in the same compartment with my family. We've chatted, and I've learned basic card games. Today people don't even say "hello" to you back. O tempora! O mores! + +But enough about today. Let's get back to yesterday. + +Yesterday my short [opinion piece](https://d-s.sh/2023/desktop-freebsd-wont-improve-unless-people-are-using-it/) reached Hacker News. I was hoping the day would come, and it came sooner than anticipated. All I needed to do was post to a few Reddits; the rest is history. Unluckily, my server died soon after, but not due to traffic (FreeBSD is a beast, after all!) but due to botched infra change on the Vultr side. This is a non-profit blog, but still, I was contacting support o 3 AM—the joys of cloud. + +But, out of those 5k visitors, two did something amazing - email me. I don't have any comments here, as is the fashion on the cool part of the blogosphere these days. Comments were a cesspool of spam and hate. Email, on the other hand, is perfect for interpersonal connection. You have to expose yourself to email someone. It's much more personal than writing "First!". I love it, and I am thankful. + +Funny how a random person's message can make your day. + diff --git a/resources/_gen/images/hcp-111a_huc1e1e5ab83b08c490a48fa4f4fd59381_3311706_1060x0_resize_q90_h2_box.webp b/resources/_gen/images/hcp-111a_huc1e1e5ab83b08c490a48fa4f4fd59381_3311706_1060x0_resize_q90_h2_box.webp Binary files differ. diff --git a/resources/_gen/images/hcp-111a_huc1e1e5ab83b08c490a48fa4f4fd59381_3311706_534x0_resize_q90_h2_box.webp b/resources/_gen/images/hcp-111a_huc1e1e5ab83b08c490a48fa4f4fd59381_3311706_534x0_resize_q90_h2_box.webp Binary files differ.