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diff --git a/content/2023/re-on-replacing-my-macbook-air-m1-with-a-thinkpad-t480.md b/content/2023/re-on-replacing-my-macbook-air-m1-with-a-thinkpad-t480.md @@ -0,0 +1,22 @@ +--- +title: "Re: On replacing My Macbook Air M1 with a Thinkpad T480" +category: "blog" +abstract: macbooks are overrated. Performance is overrated. Overpaying is overrated. +date: 2023-02-21T12:16:48+01:00 +year: 2023 +draft: false +tags: +- apple +- macbook +- thinkpad +--- +Max Rozen published a post named [On replacing my MacBook Air M1 with a Thinkpad T480](https://maxrozen.com/replacing-my-macbook-m1-with-thinkpad-t480), and it essentially says what I had encountered a few months ago. My [X1 Extreme](https://d-s.sh/2022/month_without_apple/) is much too powerful for my needs. I don't create music nor generate 3D graphics. I'm a humble developer and have never maxed out this device. Yeah, the battery life is far from what I'd love it to be - but that may be Linux. + +But what I've largely forgotten about is how easy it should be [upgrade a computer](https://d-s.sh/2023/openable-laptops/). You buy a MacBook, and the only way to change any component is by purchasing a new MacBook. This is terrible for the consumer. + +My wife needs a computer for Cytrix. And what have we got her? A 15O USD worth of thin-pc. You can change the CPU and storage and add ram there if Cytrix decides that Windows 11 is the way to go. But we don't need it now. + +Apple made the technology world amazing for investors but hostile to real users. As I [wrote before](https://d-s.sh/2023/macos-is-now-spying-even-more/) + +> It's 2023, and I see no reason to buy anything from Apple anymore. +