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diff --git a/assets/content_images/gurren-lagann-01.jpg b/assets/content_images/gurren-lagann-01.jpg Binary files differ. diff --git a/content/2023/foreshadowing-in-gurren-lagann.md b/content/2023/foreshadowing-in-gurren-lagann.md @@ -0,0 +1,20 @@ +--- +title: "Foreshadowing in Gurren Lagann" +category: "media" +abstract: So much detail has hidden sense! +date: 2023-02-14T11:33:14+01:00 +year: 2023 +draft: false +tags: +- gurren-lagann +- anime +--- +I'm showing [Gurren Lagann](https://www.gurren-lagann.net/) to my wife. I watched it some 15 years ago, so my memory is far from perfect, but I remember some things. + +{{<img-center "gurren-lagann-01.jpg" "Don't believe in yourself. Believe in me! Believe in the Kamina who believes in you!">}} + +We've seen only the first episode, but I was not expecting this much foreshadowing! Of course, some of it is world-building and toying around, but most of the episode will have a consequence in later episodes. Even the first scene, when one knows what will happen in the future, has so much detail which has hidden sense. + +> God gave us eyes at the front of our heads so we can look forward to the future. +> +> Kamina diff --git a/resources/_gen/images/gurren-lagann-01_hud3b6c5dbe4c9deaab751794bb3685b2b_111811_500x0_resize_q75_h2_box.webp b/resources/_gen/images/gurren-lagann-01_hud3b6c5dbe4c9deaab751794bb3685b2b_111811_500x0_resize_q75_h2_box.webp Binary files differ.