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diff --git a/content/links.md b/content/links.md @@ -7,13 +7,41 @@ date: 2023-03-09T10:43:53+01:00 draft: false tags: [] --- -An always WIP list of places I visit on the interwebs. +The following is a short of internet places I regularly visit. Most of them are in my RSS reader. I try not to promote companies or big publishers here. -### Blogs +### General nerdiness + +- [Rubenerd](https://rubenerd.com/) - a very old personal blog of Ruben. FreeBSD, anime, retro computing and general life thoughts. New posts daily! A really cool guy. +- [Brain Baking](https://brainbaking.com/) - an interesting blog about broader engineering culture, retro gaming, and a wide variety of random topics. +- [Grumpy Gamer](https://grumpygamer.com) - Ron Gilbert's (of Monkey Island and Thimbleweed Park fame) personal blog. Unfortunately, Ron writes mostly on Mastodon. +- [Data Gubbe](https://www.datagubbe.se/) - an A/N blog of a fellow nerd. Very rarely corrected. +- [bht](https://bt.ht) - a blog about the internet, Linux, and programming. +- [Dan Wood](https://odysee.com/$/rss/@danwood:0) - vlog about old and unknown hardware/software. Fascinating stuff! + +### Deep nerdiness + +- [Fabien Sanglard](https://fabiensanglard.net/) - one of the greatest sites on the Web full of detailed technical explanations of games of the past. The primary inspiration for the look of my blog. +- [Jonathan Blow](https://odysee.com/$/rss/@jblow:0) - vlog of the creator of Braid and The Witness. Very opionionated stuff. +- [Julia Evans](https://jvns.ca) - perhaps the greatest technical writer for web devs out there outside of thick books. + +### Emacs + +- [Irreal](https://irreal.org) - daily updates about Emacs and computing since 2011. +- [Sacha Chua](sachachua.com) - weekly summary of Emacs on the Web. +- [Protesilaos Stavrou](https://protesilaos.com) - philosopher turned Emacser. +- [System Crafters](https://systemcrafters.net) - home of the best video tutorials on Emacs. + +### BSD + +- [Vermaden](https://vermaden.wordpress.com/) - if you want to run FreeBSD as an end-user, Vermaden most likely has a lof answeres for you. +- [Garry H. Tech](https://odysee.com/$/rss/@GaryHTech:0) - general FreeBSD vlogs, +- [Robo Nuggie](https://odysee.com/$/rss/@RoboNuggie:2) - also, general FreeBSD vlogs. + +### General *NIX + +- [Luke Smith](https://lukesmith.xyz/) - the bad boy of FOSS, the living meme. Some may enjoy his general thoughts (I certainly do!), but the quality of his Linux and Vim tutorials is undeniable. +- [Veronica Explains](https://tilvids.com/feeds/videos.xml?videoChannelId=2775) - easy-to-follow tutorials for *NIX newcomers. +- [The Linux Expriment](https://tilvids.com/feeds/videos.xml?videoChannelId=47) - the best Linux news vlog out there. -[Blogroll](https://blogroll.org/) is a great place to find interesting blogs. -- [Rubenerd](https://rubenerd.com) - personal blog that's been up for 17 years. A huge inspiration on my blog. -- [Grumpy Gamer](https://grumpygamer.com/) - Ron Gilber's blog. Not very active, unfortunatelly. -- [Brain Baking](https://brainbaking.com/) - an excellent blog about old games, internet and a lot of random stuff. Well worth a regular visit!