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diff --git a/content/2023/a-short-update-on-my-workman-layout-experiment.md b/content/2023/a-short-update-on-my-workman-layout-experiment.md @@ -0,0 +1,15 @@ +--- +title: "A Short Update on My Workman Layout Experiment" +category: "hardware" +abstract: I first need to be able to use all my fingers +date: 2023-03-17T10:41:12+01:00 +year: 2023 +draft: false +tags: +- Workman +- QWERTY +- finger-mobility +--- +I am back at QWERTY. I was trying to learn Workman, but an unforeseen problem arrived: my pinkies, especially the right one. I have terrible mobility using my small fingers, so proper touch-typing is challenging. + +For now, I am trying to use all fingers using QWERTY, so one problem at a time. When (if?) I will be able to use all ten fingers comfortably, I'll return to alternative keyboard layouts. Workman was really lovely!