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diff --git a/content/2023/comments-on-desktop-freebsd-wont-improve-unless-people-are-using-it.md b/content/2023/comments-on-desktop-freebsd-wont-improve-unless-people-are-using-it.md @@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ To add to the above: there are also stats for the commented opinion piece. Two h This also may be the case. Why, then, is the referer not spoofed? It's a much more invasive data point than the underlying OS. But I'm a simple Firefox user, never used Librewolf. -### FreeBS is a server OS +### FreeBSD is a server OS Yeah, this is the sentiment I've read before jumping aboard. My problem with this idea is that each and every FOSS OS is a value in itself. The current poster boy, Linux, also had huge problems getting to work on various machines. In my opinion, it's limiting OS to a single use case is a completely valid point - your use case for FreeBSD is on a server, and this is where it currently shines (or not, depending on your experience). Some folks despise allocating any FreeBSD dev time to the desktop as there are many server issues. diff --git a/content/2023/desktop-freebsd-wont-improve-unless-people-are-using-it.md b/content/2023/desktop-freebsd-wont-improve-unless-people-are-using-it.md @@ -15,3 +15,6 @@ The result, some 24 hours later, is 100 visitors. Out of that 100, 57 are using People who are into BSD don't use BSD. This seems to be a reason for lacking hardware support. If no one uses FreeBSD, no one will encounter those problems. If no one encounters them, no one will fix them. +### Follow-ups + +1. [Comments on "Desktop FreeBSD won't improve unless people are using it"](/2023/comments-on-desktop-freebsd-wont-improve-unless-people-are-using-it/)