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Article for 2023-01-29

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diff --git a/content/2023/star-wars-or-star-trek.md b/content/2023/star-wars-or-star-trek.md @@ -0,0 +1,61 @@ +--- +title: "Star Wars or Star Trek?" +category: "media" +date: 2023-01-29T13:30:01+01:00 +draft: false +tags: +- star-wars +- star-trek +- deep-space-nine +- the-next-generation +- voyager +- firefly +- stargate +- battlestar-galactica +- dark-matter +- lexx +- SciFi +- babylon-5 +- last-jedi +- picard +- mandalorian +- expanse +- doctor-who +- orville +abstract: Why I consider Star Trek to be best western SciFi series +--- +Star Wars or Star Trek? + +For me, the answer is clear: "Star Wars." The classic series is fantastic. While I like "Star Wars," "Star Trek "owns my heart. Although I am still watching Voyager and have not seen a single episode of "Voyager," "Deep Space 9" is easily my top #1 western SciFi series. It is (in contrast to "Star Wars") aimed at grown-ups. + +Yes, "Babylon 5" was mind-blowing, and DS9 was a clone. The Xero machines, however, removed all of the wrong things. For example, there is no King Arthur episode; there are no plots without end (what happened to Londo?!). So when we compare the top with the top, I will put "Babylon 5" higher, but when we count the worse episodes of the series, DS9 is on top. + +When "The Next Generation" was taking its sweet time looking for footing, DS9 quickly got it. + +When Voyager completely ignored the crew, who were there only for the plot, DS9 fleshed them out. Those Durak/Bashir lunches! That Jadzia or Odo plots! + +DS9 takes the best thing - the real humans - from TNG and adds an excellent and engaging main plot. Yes, it's derivative from B5, but who cares? + +"Star Wars," on the other hand, is so small. The first three movies were great on their own. However, it was a childish fantasy, and everything that came later was disappointing. Well, not everything. "Last Jedi" is so bad that I can't force myself to watch anything after that. Although I've heard good things about "Mandalorian," I haven't seen it. Maybe someday. There is so much good Star Trek to enjoy! + +"Picard," however, is terrible. The second season was easily the worst Star Trek I have ever seen. + +What else could I compare to "Star Trek"? + +"Battlestar Galactica" is excellent. It may have the best characters in any western SciFi; the story is engaging. But the world is small and has no place for other stories. "Stargate" is a distant #3, but other than that? "Expanse" is mediocre; "Firefly" and "Dark Matter" were killed in infancy. "Doctor Who" has like a thousand missing episodes, so why even start? + +"Orville"? Well, I'll need to start it again, as I stopped watching sometime when season 1 was still new. This leaves me with "Farscape," the muppets in space series. This is also something I need to return to. + +Let's also mention "Lexx." The euro-soft porn version of space opera. I liked the first season - it was not something I would ever expect to see. But after that? After that, it was sometimes bad, sometimes terrible, but never watchable. Well, except for the musical episode. It was a banger. + +So yeah. "Star Trek" is my number one, and nothing else comes close. In western SciFi, at least, anime is on an entirely different level. + +> "Out of all the stories you told me, which ones that you told me were true and which ones weren't?" — Dr. Bashir +> +> "My doctor, they all were true." — Garak +> +> "Even the lies?" — Dr. Bashir +> +> "Especially the lies" — Garak + +