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feat: article for 2023-02-19

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diff --git a/assets/content_images/gmail-classic-logo.webp b/assets/content_images/gmail-classic-logo.webp Binary files differ. diff --git a/content/2023/making-gmail-useful-by-removing-modern-gmail.md b/content/2023/making-gmail-useful-by-removing-modern-gmail.md @@ -0,0 +1,19 @@ +--- +title: "Making Gmail Useful by Removing Modern Gmail" +category: "software" +abstract: the old UI is still there, thanks Satan! +date: 2023-02-19T07:28:19+01:00 +year: 2023 +draft: false +tags: +- gmail +- google +- emacs +- notmuch +- mbsync +--- +The current Gmail is barely usable. Everything is big, clumsy, and dull. And it has a loading screen. A webpage in 2023 with a loading screen! + +The best way to enjoy being forced to use Gmail is via a desktop app. My personal combo [mbsync](https://isync.sourceforge.io/mbsync.html) / [notmuch](https://notmuchmail.org/) / [emacs](https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/) is relatively standard but still deserves it's own post. + +But recently, I've learned that the old, fast, cute Gmail web interface is still available! Just go to [https://mail.google.com/mail?ui=html](https://mail.google.com/mail?ui=html) and enjoy. It even defaults to writing in plain text, as all clients should. diff --git a/resources/_gen/images/gmail-classic-logo_hu4824586aaa378c4cec4cad00b2167da2_20886_150x0_resize_q75_h2_box_2.webp b/resources/_gen/images/gmail-classic-logo_hu4824586aaa378c4cec4cad00b2167da2_20886_150x0_resize_q75_h2_box_2.webp Binary files differ.