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diff --git a/content/2023/ars-article-on-apple-lisa.md b/content/2023/ars-article-on-apple-lisa.md @@ -0,0 +1,15 @@ +--- +title: "Ars Technica's Article on Apple Lisa" +category: "blog" +date: 2023-01-20T11:40:55+01:00 +draft: false +tags: ['apple', 'retro-computing', 'apple-lisa', 'ars-technica', 'links'] +--- +> Forty years ago today, a new type of personal computer was announced that would change the world forever. Two years later, it was almost completely forgotten. + +For a long time I've in ave of long form published on Ars Technica. This time is no different. + +What strikes me the most is how much of the UI we see now in latest MacOS dates back to Lisa's +design. + +[You can read the full article on Ars Technica](https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2023/01/revisiting-apples-ill-fated-lisa-computer-40-years-on/)