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diff --git a/content/2023/the-thing-i-want-but-dont-need.md b/content/2023/the-thing-i-want-but-dont-need.md @@ -21,4 +21,5 @@ But the thing that I've rediscovered recently is the notion of upgradable system The next step are the mini-pcs. They are so cute! Tiny, just powerful enough for today, and has a higher degree of expandability. We have recently bought a Dell OptiPlex 3060 in a micro case, and it's the best purchase we've made in the last few months. We can even upgrade the CPU on this little fella! My wife uses it for work, so it's the only Windows machine in the house. {{<img-center "dell-optiplex-3060.jpg" "Cute machine">}} + But a proper tower gives you the most upgrades and the best power-to-price rate. If only I were a gamer.