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commit ffa77c3a108031f5c5985b7ee766aaf2c94c151c
parent 8327edc0623331f63635620628bc63a82f82fdac
Author: MichaƂ M. Sapka <>
Date:   Thu,  9 Jun 2022 11:36:30 +0200

Re-add yabai for stow

Ayabai/.config/yabai/yabairc | 50++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1 file changed, 50 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/yabai/.config/yabai/yabairc b/yabai/.config/yabai/yabairc @@ -0,0 +1,50 @@ +#!/usr/bin/env sh + +# the scripting-addition must be loaded manually if +# you are running yabai on macOS Big Sur. Uncomment +# the following line to have the injection performed +# when the config is executed during startup. +# +# for this to work you must configure sudo such that +# it will be able to run the command without password +# +# see this wiki page for information: +# - +# +# sudo yabai --load-sa +# yabai -m signal --add event=dock_did_restart action="sudo yabai --load-sa" + +# global settings +yabai -m config mouse_follows_focus true +yabai -m config focus_follows_mouse off +yabai -m config window_origin_display default +yabai -m config window_placement second_child +yabai -m config window_topmost off +yabai -m config window_shadow false +yabai -m config window_opacity off +yabai -m config window_opacity_duration 0.0 +yabai -m config active_window_opacity 1.0 +yabai -m config normal_window_opacity 0.90 +yabai -m config window_border on +yabai -m config window_border_width 3 +yabai -m config active_window_border_color 0xfff23000 +yabai -m config normal_window_border_color 0xff555555 +yabai -m config insert_feedback_color 0xffd75f5f +yabai -m config split_ratio 0.50 +yabai -m config auto_balance off +yabai -m config mouse_modifier fn +yabai -m config mouse_action1 move +yabai -m config mouse_action2 resize +yabai -m config mouse_drop_action swap + +# general space settings +yabai -m config layout bsp +yabai -m config top_padding 0 +yabai -m config bottom_padding 10 +yabai -m config left_padding 10 +yabai -m config right_padding 10 +yabai -m config window_gap 10 + +yabai -m config external_bar all:40:0 + +echo "yabai configuration loaded.."