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commit bb7d664fbd635131afe88686deb0564f827988a1
parent fa6ea9834c0838e24a961894f1ab875fc4b44359
Author: MichaƂ M. Sapka <>
Date:   Fri,  2 Sep 2022 12:56:39 +0200

feat: add ghq fish completitions

Afish/.config/fish/completions/ | 66++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Afish/.config/fish/conf.d/ | 4++++
Mfish/.config/fish/fish_plugins | 3++-
Afish/.config/fish/functions/ | 22++++++++++++++++++++++
4 files changed, 94 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/fish/.config/fish/completions/ b/fish/.config/fish/completions/ @@ -0,0 +1,66 @@ +function __fish_ghq_needs_command + set cmd (commandline -opc) + if [ (count $cmd) -eq 1 -a $cmd[1] = "ghq" ] + return 0 + end + return 1 +end + +function __fish_ghq_using_command + set cmd (commandline -opc) + if [ (count $cmd) -gt 1 ] + if [ $argv[1] = $cmd[2] ] + return 0 + end + end + return 1 +end + +# Help +function __fish_ghq_help_topics + for c in get list root create + printf "%s\thelp topic\n" $c + end +end + +function __fish_ghq_vcs + for c in git subversion git-svn mercurial darcs + printf "%s\tVCS\n" $c + end + printf "github\tAlias for git\n" + printf "svn\tAlias for subversion\n" + printf "hg\tAlias for mercurial\n" +end + +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_needs_command" -a help -d "Shows a list of commands or help for one command" +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_using_command help" -a "(__fish_ghq_help_topics)" + +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_needs_command" -a get -d "Clone/sync with a remote repository" +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_using_command get" -l update -s u -d "Update local repository if cloned already" +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_using_command get" -s p -d "Clone with SSH" +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_using_command get" -l shallow -d "Do a shallow clone" +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_using_command get" -l look -s l -d "Look after get" +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_using_command get" -l vcs -d "Specify VCS backend for cloning" -r -a "(__fish_ghq_vcs)" +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_using_command get" -l silent -s s -d "Clone or update silently" +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_using_command get" -l no-recursive -d "Prevent recursive fetching" +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_using_command get" -l branch -s b -d "Specify branch name. This flag implies --single-branch on Git" +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_using_command get" -l parallel -s P -d "Import parallely" +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_using_command get" -l help -s h -d "Show help" + +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_needs_command" -a list -d "List local repositories" +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_using_command list" -l exact -s e -d "Perform an exact match" +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_using_command list" -l vcs -d "Specify VCS backend for matching" -r -a "(__fish_ghq_vcs)" +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_using_command list" -l full-path -s p -d "Print full paths" +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_using_command list" -l unique -d "Print unique subpaths" +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_using_command list" -l help -s h -d "Show help" + +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_needs_command" -a root -d "Show repositories' root" +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_using_command root" -l all -d "Show all roots" +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_using_command root" -l help -s h -d "Show help" + +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_needs_command" -a create -d "Create a new repository" +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_using_command create" -l vcs -d "Specify VCS backend explicitly" -r -a "(__fish_ghq_vcs)" +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_using_command create" -l help -s h -d "Show help" + +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_needs_command" -l help -s h -d "Show help" +complete -f -c ghq -n "__fish_ghq_needs_command" -l version -s v -d "Print the version" diff --git a/fish/.config/fish/conf.d/ b/fish/.config/fish/conf.d/ @@ -0,0 +1,4 @@ +bind \cg '__ghq_repository_search' +if bind -M insert >/dev/null 2>/dev/null + bind -M insert \cg '__ghq_repository_search' +end diff --git a/fish/.config/fish/fish_plugins b/fish/.config/fish/fish_plugins @@ -1,2 +1,3 @@ jethrokuan/z -patrickf1/ +/Users/msapka/install +decors/fish-ghq diff --git a/fish/.config/fish/functions/ b/fish/.config/fish/functions/ @@ -0,0 +1,22 @@ +function __ghq_repository_search -d 'Repository search' + set -l selector + [ -n "$GHQ_SELECTOR" ]; and set selector $GHQ_SELECTOR; or set selector fzf + set -l selector_options + [ -n "$GHQ_SELECTOR_OPTS" ]; and set selector_options $GHQ_SELECTOR_OPTS + + if not type -qf $selector + printf "\nERROR: '$selector' not found.\n" + return 1 + end + + set -l query (commandline -b) + [ -n "$query" ]; and set flags --query="$query"; or set flags + switch "$selector" + case fzf fzf-tmux peco percol fzy sk + ghq list --full-path | "$selector" $selector_options $flags | read select + case \* + printf "\nERROR: plugin-ghq is not support '$selector'.\n" + end + [ -n "$select" ]; and cd "$select" + commandline -f repaint +end